Privacy Policy for Medical and Scientific Information

The Privacy Policy for Medical and Scientific Information herein shall be applied and be valid in conjunction with the provisions of the General Privacy Policy (further referred to as: ‘General Policy’) effective from 25th May, 2018 as published on the website (please click on the link:, with special regard to the purposes of processing laid down in Section II/1 and II/2 thereof.

Who are we and what are we doing with your personal data?
HUMAN BioPlazma Kft. (further referred to as: ‘the Controller’) keeps personal data confidential and makes all necessary security, technical and organisational steps to guarantee data safety in case of any incident endangering the confidentiality of data.
To that effect, the Controller shall apply rules and practices targeted at the processing of personal data (collection and use) as well as at the facilitation of the exercise of rights conferred to you under applicable law. The Controller shall update rules and practices applied to safeguard the protection of privacy whenever it is necessary or required by legal or organisational changes having an impact on the processing of personal data.
The Controller employs a data protection officer (DPO) to be contacted in case of any questions or comments concerning the rules and practices applied. The contacts of the data protection officer are as follows:
Ildikó Schuch; [email protected]

Which data are collected and processed by HUMAN BioPlazma Kft., how and to what purpose?
The Controller processes (collects and uses) the following information about you for the purpose of communicating with you:
• your full name,
• gender,
• address,
• phone number,
• e-mail address,
• fax number and
• IP address.

In addition to that, the Controller may also collect data concerning your health or the use of its products provided while browsing the Medical Information menu of the website or entered into the form submitted to Medical Information. The purpose of processing these data is to provide appropriate information about our products and to satisfy your requests for information. Your personal data will be disclosed primarily to third parties and/or recipients whose activity is indispensable for performing activities in connection with purposes above or for fulfilling legal requirements on the control of works. For all communication not in line with purposes above, we shall seek prior consent.
Your personal data cannot be disseminated or disclosed in any way. Your personal data relating to your health cannot be disseminated or disclosed in any way except for cases where the disclosure of such data is required by law.
For the legal basis and purposes of processing under the Privacy Policy herein, the provisions laid down in Section II/1 and II/2 of the General Policy shall apply.

What happens if you do not provide your data?
Your data identifying you are necessary so that we can process your request submitted under the ‘Medical Information’ menu. If you do not provide the necessary data, the Controller cannot process your request.

How and for how long are your data stored?
Your personal data are processed by authorised and trained persons supervised by the Controller via electronic and manual tools at their disposal.
Personal data are stored in electronic archives protected by efficient security measures from any incident considered by the Controller as risk.
Data are stored as long as it is necessary for providing requested information or for performing any related communication by the Controller – but in any case for no longer than five (5) years. Exceptions to that are events relevant from the aspect of data protection where authorised bodies or third parties/recipients in charge for the security of information technology are involved to investigate the cause of the event.

Know your rights
Due to your rights exercised in accordance with the deadlines applicable for the processing of personal data, you can always control the processing of your data. Your rights are as follows:
– right of information;
– right to access and reproduce data;
– right to rectification;
– right to erasure;
– right to restriction of processing;
– right to object to data processing;
– right to data portability;
– right to withdrawal;
– right to be forgotten.

While exercising your rights, you are not limited by any fee or administrative formality so your can do that free of charge. You have right to:
o receive copy of the data you want to access – whether in electronic or paper format. If you need further copies, the Controller may charge reasonable fee proportionate to administrative costs occurred;
o request the erasure, the restriction of processing of, updating or modification of your personal data; and you can also request that third parties/recipients having access to your data should also abide by your request provided that there are no legitimate grounds of higher level than those of your request (e.g. mitigation of risks by the Controller in case of emergency substantiated by environmental assessments);
o receive information about activities carried out as a result of exercising your rights without undue delay and at the latest by one month after the request except for justified extension of up to two additional months of which you have been properly informed.
o For further information please consult Chapter VII of the General Policy (accessible here:; for submitting your request you can also contact the Controller at the following address: [email protected]

Where can you complain?
You can file your complaint with the competent supervisory body – or the body registered in Hungary with tasks and responsibilities thereof – of the place of your regular residence or work, or – if they are different – where the infringement of the Regulation (EC) 2016/679 actually happened. The complaint does not affect your claims in other administrative and judicial procedures. For further information please consult Chapter VIII of the General Policy (accessible here:

Consent to data processing
If you have read the Privacy Policy herein and you have understood its contents, HUMAN BioPlazma Kft. kindly asks you to give your consent to the processing of your personal data and of your data related to your health. This is necessary in case you have submitted your request via the website or directly under the ‘Medical Information’ menu.

o Yes, I agree.
o No, I do not agree.