Quality & Safety

When we say quality assurance is “global” at Kedrion, we mean that it applies not only to our world-wide operations but to all decisions and activities that affect the quality of our services and products. Our Global Quality Assurance program seeks to ensure that all parts of the company and all people working in those parts understand and respect the same resolute standards of quality.

Of course, first and foremost, this applies to safety – in collection, in research, in development, and above all in our resultant medicinal products.  Our standards and practices go well beyond mandatory regulatory requirements.

While safety is paramount, Global Quality Assurance means even more than safety. It includes the goal of respecting the communities we work with – especially the donors and the ultimate users of our products – ensuring that their trust is deserved, not only for safety, but for value, by eliminating inefficiencies in all phases of the development, production and distribution processes.

Kedrion has established Global Quality procedures and specifications that ensure a stable supply of high quality products to global users.

The Global Quality Assurance department is committed to overseeing and supervising the Quality Assurance Activities of Kedrion worldwide.

The local Quality Assurance Organization at HUMAN BioPlazma is responsible for the implementation of Global Kedrion requirements ensuring that all the activities meet the Hungarian and European standards as well.