“Kedrion Speak Up”

All of us at Kedrion are committed to acting in accordance with our values—working together as one, showing we care, operating with integrity, making a sustainable impact, and showing courage.
Integrity is the foundation of Kedrion’s culture and our reputation with our stakeholders, including our donors and our patients.

A “Speak Up” culture is strictly linked to Kedrion’s values of Care, Integrity and Courage and it affords our employees and external stakeholders the ability to “speak up” and make their voice heard whenever they have doubts or concerns regarding compliance, such as situations that may be unlawful, contrary to our values or any company policy, including our Code of Conduct/Ethics, or any applicable law or may lead to incorrect financial reporting, or otherwise involve serious improper conduct.

In particular, we want to know about any instances of:
• Bribery and Corruption
• Discrimination
• Harassment or Bullying
• Anti-competitive practices
• Improper export and trade transactions
• Breach of Data Privacy Laws
• Inappropriate transactions with healthcare professionals, healthcare organizations, patient organizations or public officials in the healthcare sector
• Violations of our Code of Conduct
• Human rights and environmental-related risks and violations

If you become aware of an action or behavior which is, or could be assumed to be, not in line with Kedrion’s commitment, such as wrongdoing, misbehavior, doubtful practices, or deviation from policies and procedures, we ask you to “speak up” and report this to us.

Reporting Directly
We encourage employees to report their concern directly to somebody within their direct working environment, e.g., their supervisor/line manager, the HR department, the Ethics & Compliance department, or any other manager they trust.
Kedrion does not tolerate retaliation against anyone who in good faith seeks advice, raises a concern, or reports misconduct. Good faith reports are those made on the belief that what you are asserting is true, whether a subsequent investigation confirms the assertion or not.
Reporting via Speak Up Hotline: Web Report or Email
If you prefer, a report can filed via the confidential hotline. There are several ways to access the hotline and these are available to employees as well as external third parties:
• Telephone (toll free): Instructions below.
• Web Report Form: www.lighthouse-services.com/kedrion
• Email: [email protected] (you must include company name in the subject line).

You are encouraged to provide us with your name and contact details, which supports the efficient and effective conduct of any investigation we may perform based on your report. Your name and report will be treated confidentially and shared only on a need-to-know basis or as required by local law. The hotline does provide the option for a report to be filed anonymously if the reporter elects.

If you file anonymously, the system enables you to allow us to communicate with you without disclosing your identity to us. Please, note that in some countries Kedrion may not be allowed – under applicable legislation – to investigate alleged breach of laws, regulations and company’s policies based on anonymous reports. In any case, all reports providing enough information will be taken in serious consideration.

Thank you for speaking up and helping Kedrion be an organization that you are proud to support.


If you would like to submit a report via phone, please take the following steps to make a toll-free call:

1. Make sure you have an outside line.
2. Enter the Access Code for the country and/or the telephone system you are calling from. You will then hear a ‘bong’.
3. An English-language voice prompt will ask for the number you are calling.
4. Enter our toll-free number: 800-603-2869. There is no need to dial “1” before the toll-free number.
5. You are now connected to the hotline.
6. A Lighthouse greeting will be played in multiple languages. Make a choice from the pre-recorded language prompts or press 000 and tell the English operator the language you speak (preferably in English). An interpreter will then join the call in 2-3 minutes. The Lighthouse operator will interview you, aided by the interpreter.
7. A report in English is then sent to the designated recipient(s) of your company.