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EVENTS - 15-03-2016

‘For the Town of Gödöllő’ prize is awarded to HUMAN BioPlazma staff

On 15th March, Gödöllő’s Királyi Kastély equestrian hall hosted ‘GÖDÖLLŐ 50 – City of renewal’, commemorating Gödöllő’s acquisition of the status of town 50 years ago. In the course of the event, the 2016 ‘prizes were also awarded.

These are awarded by the local government to citizens and local organisations in recognition for their valued efforts, and their contributions to the city’s growing reputation.

In the course of his speech, Mayor Dr. György Gémesi thanked Gödöllő’s former leaders and everyone who helped in the city’s development. He emphasised that, as mayor, he was most proud of the fact that  Gödöllő’s citizens formed a supportive and active community.

This year’s ‘For the Town of Gödöllő’ prizes were awarded to László Fodor, a music teacher holder of  the Kossuth Award, to Beáta Mészáros, singing teacher and drama therapist, to the artistic head of the Garabonciás theatre company, and to the community made up of HUMAN BioPlazma employees.

Hungarian Kedrion’s employees were awarded the prize in recognition of their involvement with the local community. Executive Manager Ákos Tóth received the award on behalf of the community.

The ‘For the Town of Gödöllő’ prize consists of a certificate, a bronze World Tree statue and spending money. The company doubled the prize money, and the entire sum was donated to the local outpatient’s clinic, to help maintain the town’s healthcare system operating to the highest standards.

On accepting the award, Mr. Tóth stated that the company was extremely honoured by the recognition, which would further strengthen its engagement with the local community.

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