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Privacy Statement

I. Definitions

  • 1. data subject: any concrete natural person identified or identifiable – directly or indirectly – by personal data;
  • 2. Personal data: any information relating to the data subject – in particular by reference to his/her  name, an identification number, one or more information on their physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity – and any reference drawn from such information pertaining to to the data subject;
  • 3. special data:
    a) personal data concerning racial origin or nationality, political opinion or any, affiliation with political parties, religious or  philosophical  beliefs, membership of trade-unions, personal data concerning sexual life;
    b) personal data concerning health condition, pathological addictions and criminal record;
  • 4. the data subject’s consent: any freely and expressly given specific and informed indication of his /her wishes by which the data subject signifies his /her  agreement to personal data relating to him /her being contolled without limitation or with regard to specific operations;
  • 5.  the data subject’s objection: an indication of his /her wishes by which the data subject objects to the controlling of his /her personal data and requests that the contrlling of data relating to him /her be terminated and/or the controlled data be deleted;
  • 6. Data controller: any natural or legal person, or an organization without legal personality, which alone or jointly with others determines the purposes of the controlling of data, makes decisions regarding data controlling (including the means) and implements such decisions itself or engages a data processor to execute them;
  • 7. Controlling of data: any operation or set of operations that is performed upon data, whether or not by automatic means, such as in particular collection, recording, setting, systematization, storage, adaptation or alteration, use, retrieval, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, alignment or combination, blocking, blocking, erasure or destruction, and prevention of them from further use, photographing, sound and video recording, and the recording of physical attributes for identification purposes;
  • 8. Disclosure by transmission: making data available to a specific third party;
  • 9.  Public disclosure:  making data available to the general public;
  • 10. Erasure of data: destruction or elimination of data sufficient to make them irretrievable;
  • 11. Referencing: marking of stored data for the purpose of identification;
  • 12.  Blocking of data: marking of stored data with the aim of limiting their controlling in future permanently or for a predetermined period;
  • 13.  Destruction of data: complete physical destruction of the medium containing data;
  • 14. Data processing: any technical operations involved in data control, irrespective of the method and instruments employed for such operations and the venue where it takes place, provided that such technical operations are carried out on the data;
  • 15.  Data processor: any natural or legal person or organization without legal personality that is engaged under contract in the processing of personal data, including when the contract stipulated by provisions of law;
  • 16. data set: all data contained in a filing system;
  • 17.  Third party: any natural or legal person or organization without legal personality other than the data subject, the data controller or the data processor.

II. Personal data to be recorded and controlled

On its website, HUMAN BioPlazma Kft. will record personal data under the following terms and conditions:

Personal data may be controlled only for specified and explicit purposes, where it is necessary for the implementation of certain rights or obligations. The personal data controlled must be essential for the purpose for which it was recorded, and it must be suitable to achieve that purpose. Personal data may be controlled to the extent and for the duration necessary to achieve its purpose.

Personal data may be controlled exclusively, when the data subject has given his/her consent.

Your personal data will be collected, processed and used by us in accordance with the provisions of Act No CXII of 2011 on the Right of Informational Self-Determination and on Freedon of Information („Act”), in particular when you visit the website, when you make registration or log in. Your data will be used according to the Act, the effective rules of law, the present data protection regulation, and upon your explicit consent.

Based on your consent we will collect the following data: full name, address, phone number, Email address, fax number, gender, and other connected personal or special data. The data may be provided on our registration page or on page for contacting. At the time of data registration, such fact will be indicated unambiguously on the website.

III. Legal basis for data controlling
Consent by data subject. Provision of personal data is voluntary.

IV. Duration of data controlling
The term of data controlling shall last from the registration on website until the cancellation of registration therefrom.

V. Data controller
The data controller is HUMAN BioPlazma Kft..
The data controlling registration identifications of the data controller: NAIH-76006/2014; NAIH-76005/2014

VI. Purpose of data controlling
The data controlling serves for keeping continuous relationship between the registered users enjoying the services of the website and the data controller and it serves for the purpose of survey. The data controller shall manage all data and facts pertaining to user confidentially, such data will be used exclusively for development of services of data controller and for making own research and statistics. The publication of lists prepared upon such activities is allowed only in a form, which is not suitable for individual identification of single users. The data controller may not use the personal data for purposes other than the purpose indicated. The data controlling over data provided by such a way occurs upon the voluntary consent of the user.

Upon the registration on the present website, the data subject gives his/her consent that his/her personal data are recorded in the data controller’s database. The access to data is allowed exclusively for the employees, colleagues of the data controller within the European Union, or outside EU. The above data are protected, managed electronically and used by data controller for the following purposes:

  • 1.    Pursuing scientific medical information activities for distance learning and vocational medical training through all information channels permitted by effective rules of law, including email, web-conference and other possible information channels.
  • 2.    Rendering information services as response to health service providers for their questions of scientific nature
  • 3.    Registration of perceived and notified side-effects in course of application of medicines subject to trade
  • 4.    Registration for and use of various scientific services available on the website of data controller
  • 5.    Provision of specialized services (e.g. on conferences, on symposiums)
  • 6.    Conducting market research
  • 7.    Implementation of clinical trials, analyses, research for medicine-economic
  • 8.    Recording of data and professional profile of applicants for vacant job positions at  Plazmaferezis Állomás Egészségügyi Nonprofit Kft. in connection with assessment for selection

The provision of personal data is necessary for carrying out the activities listed in points 1-8, therefore the data controller will obtain the consent necessary for data controlling, it shall document such fact electronically and it shall send a confirmation email on the registration on website.

VII. Persons entitled to access to data,  data processors
The staff of data controller entitled for access to the personal data may have access to the personal data provided by the users.

The data controller, before to comply with any single data request from authority, shall examine in respect of each data whether the legal basis of data transfer really exists.

The personal data are stored by data controller on servers, which are safeguarded for 24 hours, and may be found on Hungarian internet network.

VIII. Transfer of data
On international level, the transfer of data controlled may be subject to transfer to the foreign enterprises of Kedrin Group S.p.A. as mother company of the data controller in accordance with the provisions of the present data procetion regulation. The websites of Kedrion S.p.A. is stored exclusively by the service centers of Kedrion Group S.p.A. The personal data provided and other data are stored automatically in such service centers.

IX. Visiting the website of HUMAN BioPlazma Kft.:

Web server logs
As with many websites, each time one of our sites is accessed, information is automatically collected regarding your navigation activity which is then memorised in a file called “web server log”. The web server automatically records certain information, such as IP address, the date and time of visits on the website, the pages visited, the origin of the web server (when referenced), the type of browser being used (for ex. Internet Explorer), the operating system used (for ex. Windows XP) and the name and address of the provider domain (for ex. If our website uses cookies (illustrated further on), the web server will also collect this information. To better understand how the site is utilised, in order to provide the best service possible, it is our responsibility to check our server logs regularly to monitor the frequency in which the pages of our website are visited. All this is commonly known as Web Statistics, which allows us to maintain and improve our service. In addition, in the case of system abuse, it will be possible for us to use this information together with the user’s Internet service provider and/or the local authorities to track the source of the abuse.

IP Addresses
This website uses IP addresses (Internet Protocol). An IP address is a number assigned to the user’s computer by the provider which allows access to the Internet. The IP address including date and time is personal data and can be used, for example, in the case of abuse to trace the identity of the person that has activated the internet connection and has visited our site.

Certain areas of the site use cookies (session cookies). A cookie can be used to contain specific technical information necessary for some functions of CMS Drupal (for example: form search, login, toolbar), or to contain information such as user ID or to include information such as user ID which the site uses to control the pages visited.  In any case, the only information of a personal nature that a cookie can include is that provided by the user. A cookie cannot read data present on the user’s hard disk or read cookies created by other sites. If the user is not interested in receiving cookies during web navigating, the user can program the browser to advise before accepting and refusing cookies when the browser indicates the presence of cookies. The user can refuse all cookies by deactivating them in the browser, even if this may not allow for proper navigation of all the web pages. In particular, the user may be asked to accept cookies to fulfill certain website operations. Perhaps, it is not necessary that the user accepts all cookies to use/navigate in many areas, however it is necessary for accessing specific web pages, registration data or specific information used by the CMs services.

Session Cookies
Often, while navigating within our website, from one page to another, it may be necessary to store the user’s technical information.
This technical information will be utilized in many ways to improve the navigability of the site. This cookie does not contain identifying information and remains only until the end of the session on the site.

Login Session Cookie
When entering a protected area it is possible that a cookie is set up on the user’s computer to remember the data for login (access). This could be for the user’s convenience, so in subsequent visits, the user is not required to provide, once again, all the login data.

Third party cookies on our sites
Kedrion S.p.A. does not allow third parties to set up cookies on the user’s computer through this website, unless these cookies are set up at our request, are under our direct control and are not used or accessed by third parties, with the exception of what was established in this document.

Rights of users in connection with the controlling of their personal data, erasure of data

According to Section 14 of the Act, the data subject may request from the data controller the rectification, erasure or blocking of his/her personal data.

According to Section 17 of the Act the personal data shall be erased if:
a) controlled unlawfully;
b) so requested by the data subject in accordance with Paragraph c) of Section 14 of the Act;
c) incomplete or inaccurate and it cannot be lawfully rectified, provided that erasure is not disallowed by statutory provision;
d) the purpose of controlling no longer exists or the legal time limit for storage has expired;
e) so instructed by court order or by the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information.

Users shall decide on the provision of the above data. The legal basis of data controlling is the voluntary consent of the users, which shall be considered as provided in case of opening the website or logging into its parts bound to registration.

 User may request anytime the amendment, erasure of his/her personal data, or user may prohibit their use by way of sending an E-mail or regular mail to the following postal address:

Postal address: 2100 Gödöllő, Táncsics Mihály út 80., Magyarország Budapest Környéki Törvényszék Cégbírósága

Users may request information on controlling of their personal data. Upon request, the data controller shall provide data subject with information concerning the data relating to him/her, the purpose, grounds and duration of controlling, the name and address of the data processor and on its activities relating to data controlling, furthermore, on those who receive or have received the data and for what purpose.  Such information may be requested through the postal address of the data controller. The amendment or erasure of the data subject’s personal data may be initiated through the same address.

In order to control the lawfulness of data transfer and and with the aim of providing data subjects with information, the data controller shall maintain a transmission log, showing the date of time of transmission of the data controlled by itself, the legal basis of transmission, the recipient, description of the personal data transmitted.

The data processor shall not take responsibility for its former websites already erased, but archived by internet search engines. The operator of such search site shall provide for the erasure of these.

The user, who feels to be harmed in his/her right to the protection of personal data, may sue for his/her claimat the civil court, or may request the help of the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information. The Act contains the relevant and detailed provisions in this regard and on the obligations of the data controller.

Should a personal data be deemed inaccurate, and the correct personal data is at the data controller’s disposal, the data controller shall rectify the personal data in question.

Personal data shall be erased otherwise if: controlled unlawfully; so requested by the data subject in accordance with the above; incomplete or inaccurate and it cannot be lawfully rectified, provided that erasure is not disallowed by statutory provision; the purpose of controlling no longer exists or the legal time limit for storage has expired; so instructed by court order or by the Authority.

Personal data shall be blocked instead of erased if so requested by the data subject, or if there are reasonable grounds upon information available to believe that erasure could infringe the legitimate interests of the data subject. Blocked data shall be controlled only until when the purpose of data controlling which prevented their erasure is in place. If the correctness or accuracy of personal data is contested by the data subject and its accuracy or inaccuracy cannot be ascertained beyond doubt, the data controller shall mark that personal data for the purpose of referencing.

When a data is rectified, blocked, marked or erased, the data subject to whom it pertains and all recipients to whom such data was earlier transmitted for controlling shall be notified. Notification is not required if it does not violate the rightful interest of the data subject in light of the purpose of data controlling.

The data controller shall erase the data linked to data subject (user) in case of inappropriate use of the website’s services or based on the own request of the user. Such erasure shall be completed within 24 hours after the next working day from the initiation of the demand for erasure. The data controller shall notify the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information on the rejected requests by January 31 of the following year. Session IDs shall be erased automatically after leaving the website. If the data controller refuses to comply with the data subject’s request for rectification, blocking or erasure, the factual or legal reasons on which the decision for refusing the request for rectification, blocking or erasure is based shall be communicated in writing within thirty days of receipt of the request. Where rectification, blocking or erasure is refused, the data controller shall notify the data subject on the possibilities for seeking judicial remedy or lodging a complaint with the Authority.

The data subject shall have the right to object the controlling of personal data relating to him/her, if data controlling  or transmission e of data is carried out solely for the purpose of discharging the data controller’s legal obligation or for enforcing the rights and legitimate interests of the data controller, the recipient or a third party, unless data controlling  is mandatory; if personal data is used or disclosed for the purposes of direct marketing, public opinion polling or scientific research; and in all other cases prescribed by law.
In case  of objection, the data controller shall investigate the ground e of objection within the shortest possible time, but witnin maximum a fifteen-days time period, and it adopts a decision as to merits and shall notify the data subject in writing on its decision.

Other provisions:

Limitation, exclusion of liability
The visitors of the website of Plazmaferezis Állomás Egészségügyi Nonprofit Kft.. and the users of the service acknowledge that

  •     visiting and using of the website for any purpose is exclusively based on everyone’s own consideration and liability, the use of the information  downloaded and acquired through the website is voluntary, it is in compliance with  the user’sown consideration and exclusively on his /her own liability;
  •     neither HUMAN BioPlazma Kft., nor the producers and operators of the website shall take any kind of liability for any defect, detriment connected with the visiting, using of the website;
  •     HUMAN BioPlazma Kft. shall not assume liability either for the direct or indirect damages, detriments, expenses originating from the inappropriate operation of the website, breakdown or any similar reason, or in connection with  data or other information available on  or through the website, including, but not limited to  their correctness, actuality, completeness, validity, suitability for any purpose, credibility, cogency;
  •     HUMAN BioPlazma Kft.,  shall not take liability for potential damages either originating from the unautorized access to personal or other data being in its possession, or caused by their erasure, impairment or publication, or originating in connection with such events. For such conduct the person who had such behavior will be exclusively liable.
  •     HUMAN BioPlazma Kft. reserves the right to change the all-time content of the website by any methode without restriction or notice, or to cease or suspend any or all of its services;
  •     the website may be linked to an other website. Although the usability of all such websites shall be controlled by Plazmaferezis Állomás Egészségügyi Nonprofit Kft., it excludes anyliability for their content or for any detriment or damage originating from their use;
  •     the data on the website shall serve exclusively as information and they shall not be qualified under any circumstances as advising or recommendation, furthermore they shall not be served as the ground of any decision or measure, including, but not exclusively medical data, which shall not replace the medical advises with detailed information.

This site is not intended or programmed to be consulted by minors. We do not voluntarily collect personal information related to minors.

Links to other sites
This site is linked to other external sites which can offer additional useful information. The policies and procedures described here do not apply to those sites. We suggest contacting the web-master of such sites for information on their policies regarding privacy, safety and data collection. The information contained in sites linked to  may not be in accordance with legislation and the opinions expressed do not necessarily correspond to  our company’s standpoint.

Modifications to the Privacy regulations of this website
The privacy regulations of this website can be updated where required. Each change of the regulation will be updated and made available on this page for your convenience.
Dangers threatening privacy

Using internet includes different dangers threatening privacy. We draw your attention that your opinion written on the website is qualified as personal data, from which to your sensitive data, origin or political opinion may be concluded. All these data shall be accessible to anyone. We recommend to use PET technology in order to protect your personal data (technology strengthening privacy). You may find information in this regard on many websites.

Important web adresses
National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information:
National Media and Infocommunications Authority:
Effective rules of law: